Our Products

PINGPONG's three flagship products.

PINGPONG Products on the Supply Side of DePIN

PINGPONG’s pivotal product, the Aggregated & Dynamic Mining App(PINGPONG App), is designed to make it easier for users to participate in mining and maximize users’ mining yields.

  • Easy Participation in Aggregated Mining: The PINGPONG App simplifies the process for anyone with a PC to engage in DePIN mining. With just a few clicks, users can connect their personal devices to multiple(6+) mining networks and start mining simultaneously.

  • Dynamic Mining for Maximum Efficiency: The PINGPONG App uses advanced algorithms that adapt to the user's device capabilities and the actual network yields to optimize mining activities across various DePIN networks, ensuring higher efficiency and maximized rewards for users.

The Omni-chain DePINFi Money Market offers various compute resource-based assets and yield-bearing derivatives for users to trade freely. Integrating DeFi with DePIN, known as DePINFi, allows you to convert compute resources into liquidity and engage in derivatives trading for maximum yields.

  • Easily Convert Compute Resources into Liquidity: The PINGPONG Compute Resource Liquidity Protocol fairly prices different computing resources, while the native staking & slashing mechanism ensures resource availability and stability. Users can securely and easily convert their compute resources into liquidity in the Omni-chain DePINFi Money Market.

  • Trade Yield-bearing Derivatives for Maximum Yields: The market provides various compute resource-based, yield-bearing derivatives. Users can access high-quality, low-cost computing resources for aggregated mining and use them for DePIN derivatives trading and aggregated staking to amplify returns.

[In Design Phase] PINGPONG Products on the Demand Side of DePIN

DePIN All-In-One SDK

The SDK stands as a testament to our commitment to improving the service quality within the DePIN ecosystem, boosting it from the demand side. Check out our technical design in our Whitepaper. By addressing the fundamental challenges of fragmented development processes and unreliable network services, the SDK offers:

  • Unified Development Experience simplifies the integration of diverse DePIN services into a streamlined development workflow.

  • Network Health Monitoring ensures high reliability and uptime by dynamically adjusting to network performance.

  • Geolocation-Based Response Time Optimization minimizes latency by intelligently routing requests based on the physical distribution of network nodes.

  • Machine Availability Monitoring guarantees access to necessary compute resources, especially for tasks requiring significant processing power.

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