Tutorial for PINGPONG x Morph (Campaign 1)

In this tutorial, you will learn how to experience a demo of DePIN token aggregated staking on Morph Testnet with mock tokens

By following simple steps including claiming, bridging, and staking tokens, you can earn Morph points, PINGPONG points and special incentives from the Morph team dedicated to the PINGPONG community. Let’s begin👇

Please note that this is only a testnet event and will NOT generate real staking yield. The main goal is to get all of you familiar with the product while rewarding you with points from both Morph and PINGPONG. The mainnet will be launched around the end of July.

Step 1: Connect Your Wallet to the PINGPONG Omni-chain DePINFi Money Market.

Step 2: Earn Aggregated DePIN Liquid Staking Yield & Points!

1. Click on “Claim” to obtain mGRT & mLPT on Holesky Testnet.

Please note that all claimable tokens must be claimed daily. Any tokens that are not claimed by 0:00 UTC will be reset.

If you don't have enough ETH on Holesky Testnet for gas fees, the claim will not be able to proceed. Please get it for free by following our guide.

2. Go to the “BRIDGE” tab, enter the amount of mGRT & mLPT you want to bridge to Morph Testnet, click on “Approve”, then click on “Bridge”.

If you don't have enough ETH on Morph Testnet for gas fees, please get it for free by following our guide.

3. Go to the “MARKETS” tab to stake mGRT & mLPT. Click on “Stake mGRT Now” or “Stake mLPT Now”.

4. Fill in the amount of mGRT/mLPT you want to stake (You might need to switch to Morph Holesky Testnet first), click on “Approve”, then click on “Stake”.

Step 3: Increase Your Daily Token Cap by Completing Simple Tasks

1. If you would like to claim more mGRT & mLPT for bridging and staking, go to the “POINTS” tab, and finish tasks there to increase your daily token cap. The more tokens you can claim daily, the more tokens you can stake, and the more points you can earn.

2. Click on “Go to X” to follow PINGPONG on X; click on “Go to Discord” to join PINGPONG’s Discord; let friends connect their wallets and follow PINGPONG on X through your referral link. Each of these steps adds to your daily token cap.

Step 4: Check Your Numbers

1. At the top of the “POINTS” tab, a banner displays a countdown of the staking campaign, the total number of tokens staked on Morph Holesky Testnet, and the cumulative points issued.

2. In the “My Dashboard” panel, you can view the amount of mGRT & mLPT you have staked, the number of tokens available, your daily token cap, and the points you have earned.

Gas Fee Acquisition & Bridging

1. If you need more gas fees on Holesky Testnet, click on “Get test ETH on Holesky Testnet for gas fees”.

a. On the Holesky Faucet page, paste your wallet address and click on “Get Tokens”.

b. If you haven’t, you will also need to create a passkey for Holesky Faucet with a phone, a tablet, a security key, or with your Chrome profile.

2. If you need more gas fees on Morph Holesky Testnet, click on “Get test ETH on Morph Holesky Testnet for gas fees”.

Or you can visit https://docs.morphl2.io/docs/quick-start/faucet/ for more ways.

a. On the Morph-Holesky bridging page, connect your wallet.

b. Enter the amount of ETH to be bridged to Morph Holesky Testnet, and click on “Send ETH to Morph Holesky”.

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