Omni-chain DePINFi Money Market Introduction

PINGPONG Omni-chain DePINFi Money Market

We want to encapsulate the essence of DeFi within DePIN to complete the DePIN ecosystem and facilitate its scaling. That’s why we built the PINGPONG Omni-chain DePINFi Money Market. It enables you to make the most out of aggregated DePIN mining yields and trade various DePIN derivatives. It is here to ensure everyone can easily and fairly capture value from DePIN x DeFi, we call it DePINFi.

What can you trade on PINGPONG Omni-chain DePINFi Money Market?

The DePINFi Money Market offers a variety of compute-resource-based, yield-bearing derivatives. These financial instruments include but are not limited to:

  • P2P Compute Resources Lending & Borrowing: The PINGPONG Compute Resources Liquidity Protocol allows users to lend their idle compute resources and borrow additional compute power. It utilizes PINGPONG’s Native Staking & Slashing Mechanism, ensuring the delivery of resources.

  • DePIN Aggregated Mining Yield Futures: These are contracts where users can agree to buy or sell future DePIN mining yields at a predetermined price, to be delivered at a specified future date. Buyers can lock in a fixed return on future yields, protecting themselves from price fluctuations. Sellers, usually the owners of compute resources, can secure a guaranteed price for their future output, ensuring predictable income.

  • Aggregated DePIN Mining Yield Tokens: Leveraging the volatility of DePIN mining yields, the aggregated DePIN mining yield tokens provide miners with a range of yield management options and generate tradable DePINFi derivatives with different levels of volatility. It allows miners to convert mining profits into instant liquidity, while also allowing yield token buyers to access fluctuating interest rates in a more capital-efficient manner, as they do not need to pay for the underlying compute resources.

  • Points Trading: Points mined from DePIN projects represent mining contributions and can be traded on the DePINFi Money Market. By selling their points, miners can monetize their mining efforts before the official tokens are released, providing immediate value and liquidity. Point buyers benefit by acquiring these points early, potentially at a lower cost, and positioning themselves advantageously for when the projects issue tokens.

  • DePIN Aggregated Staking: Users can stake their DePIN tokens into aggregated staking pools and earn aggregated staking yields. Staked tokens are represented by liquid staking tokens (LSTs) that users can trade or use within the DePINFi ecosystem. The value of LSTs increases over time as staking yields accumulate.

Now we've launched the first joint campaign with Morph. Go on and experience a demo of DePIN tokens aggregated staking on Morph testnet with mock tokens! Earn Morph points (Morph-PPP), a special incentive from Morph team dedicated to PINGPONG community and PINGPONG Campaign #1 Points (Campaigni PPP). Check the campaign tutorial at Tutorial for PINGPONG x Morph (Campaign 1). If you need any technical support or just want to meet the PINGPONG fam, please join our Discord community.

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